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Using as a starting concept Foucault’s heterotopias, this book studies that object that populates every possible space in people’s lives, but which is little considered: the bench. Starting from the premise that «the bench is the place that allows the right framing of scenes», this book catalogues the benches of Urbino and their respective ‘point of view’, showing the «complex theatre of gazes and intersections» that comes into being. The book concludes with a conversation with Michael Jakob on the value of the bench in the world, in art, in politics and in everyday life, analysing how it is a device for directing the gaze.

Un teatro complesso di sguardi e incroci

photographic book


thread sewed hardcover with a flat spine

June 2022

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LL Bradford Mono (Lineto)

Suisse Int'l (Swiss Typefaces)

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