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An archive is a system of collection and cataloguing of materials, objects and documents that are different or similar to each other and whose preservation is considered of public or private interest. The archive can be an instrument that enables others’ abilities, through observation and re-elaboration. This re-elaboration can come from the connections created by putting archived objects in relation to each other. An archive of objects can tell different realities and stories — which can be personal and related to a place — making it a repository of identity and knowledge. META’s intention is to apply this method to the city of Urbino and to the people who live there. The peculiarity of this place is that, for many people, it is a place of passage or a place not experienced continuously. META created an archive of objects to tell a connection between the city and the people who live it, and exhibited it for two days inside the space Rumore ISIA U (Urbino, Italy) making it available for people to look at, observe, and reuse. Precisely this last point is the key one: what new connections can be made between these objects collected by different people? New stories, new narratives, new points of view were born to tell about one’s own living space and place. In this way, each object was able to tell its own story and evoke a potential one that brings further value. The book contains a note by Marta Sironi and two interviews with two different types of ‘archives’: Archivio Slam Jam — that is a mix between a collection, an archive and a cultural observatory — and All’Origine, the leading Italian specialist in European objects of the XX century.




thread sewing with an open spine

June 2022

Font in use

Tonal Grotesk (Omni Type)

Project made with

Annalisa Marchetti

Caterina Rossi

Elisea Russo

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