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The text is a type-graphic composition capable of communicating a decipherable message, but also of producing visual effects that may vary according to the position it occupies on the page and the typographic choices made. This premise is the starting point for the research behind Sulla forma tipografica (On typographic shape), a thesis project that investigates the importance and possible enhancement of the typographic shape through ten interviews with very different international representatives of the typographic world. This study concludes with the manifesto Io sono la tipografia. Manifesto (I am typography. Manifesto) — through whose text and typographic shapes an attempt is made to redefine the priorities and possible uses of typography — produced in broadsheet format in order to convey the ideal intention and perceived need for the widespread dissemination of the ideas presented.

Io sono la tipografia. Manifesto



unbound newspaper

March 2023

Font in use

LL Bradford (Lineto)

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