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Editori vicini e lontani is a research on Italian publishing in the 20th century. Starting from the reading of the homonymous book by Cesare De Michelis, we have investigated four different protagonists of the publishing world and analyzed the role of graphics within their history. The book is divided into two parts: the first is dedicated to De Michelis’ essay Editori vicini e lontani, while the second, divided into four chapters, illustrates the research that we conducted about Italian publishing. The first chapter collects the work of Bruno Munari for the Almanacco Bompiani carried out in the middle of the 20th century; the second shows the covers and the visual system of the series Gli Oscar Mondadori, which were put on the market in the 60s; the third focuses on the graphic work carried out within the series Il Gallo by Edizioni Avanti; in the last chapter there is an analysis of the graphic project of Salvatore Gregorietti for the magazine Linus.

Editori vicini e lontani



thread sewed softcover

September 2021

Font in use

GT America (Grilli Type)

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Supervised by

Irene Bacchi

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