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Our society thrives on trends, especially in fields related in some way to art. By ‘trend’ we mean something that predominates a certain period on a stylistic level, leading not only insiders, but also viewers to become fond of a specific way of doing something. Many trends are destined to exist only in the period in which they are, indeed, in trend. Others, however, have a greater impact and later become movements, styles, methods. Through conversations with eight young graphic designers, a heterogeneous collection of visual material and six quotes from important personalities in the world of design, Di tendenza o dipendenza? — the title, which can be translated as Trendy or addictive?, plays on the assonance between the two Italian terms and the different perspectives, positive or negative, from which trends can be viewed — tries to answer two main questions: does it make sense to talk about and seek timeless graphic design? Is it okay to follow trends or can it be an addiction?

Di tendenza o dipendenza?



thread sewed softcover with one flap

September 2022

Font in use

Times New Roman (Monotype)

Monument Grotesk (Dinamo Typefaces)

Asfalt (Dinamo Typefaces)

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