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Aritmia is a catalogue focused on the philosophy and artworks of Andrea Anastasio. The book includes six collections of ceramic works created for Ceramiche Gatti 1928, the historic art workshop in Faenza: Un fiore per 12 mesi, Riflessi di alta quota, Volpedo, Auree, Intervalli and Esodi. Each of these collections explores, both formally and conceptually, original relationships between our technological present, fragmented and accelerated, and the multiple forms by which the decorative arts and pre-industrial artefacts have interpreted community values, concrete needs, human aspirations and the symbolic universe in the past. The book begins and ends with details of the works that recall the concept of fracture expressed by Anastasio and when viewed double-page spread these details blend together, through similar shapes, thus creating a dialogue, a connection, as if there was a common point that binds them. After the introduction of Ceramica Gatti and Anastasio’s biography, the book proceeds with the illustration of the six ceramic collections where each one has a text written by Anastasio and a commentary by a different author every time. The title on the cover and the picture on the back cover have been covered with a transparent UV paint that gives a textured effect and recalls the paint applied to the vases.




thread sewed softcover

September 2021

Font in use

Untitled Sans (Klim Type Foundry)

Project made with

Supervised by

Irene Bacchi

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