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Amazing is born by the desire to describe and to show ‘fromatozing’ — from a to z — a city through its art and its peculiarities. Amazing doesn’t aim to be a ‘touristic guide’ nor the ‘tale of a place’, but it tries to be an ‘artistic presentation’ of what affected and characterized the journey of the creator. Through architecture, from the most known and touristic to the less famous, through places, through literature, movies, songs, famous quotes and sport, Amazing aims to give a peak into the city. The printed product is supported by two digital tools: Spotify Codes and augmented reality, which allow the reader to immerse himself even more in the narrated city. This magazine is the thesis project for the achievement of the BA in New Technologies of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.




perfect bound softcover

February 2020

Font in use

Syne (Bonjour Monde, Lucas Descroix, George Triantafyllakos)

Konstant Grotesk (Stephen French)

Helvetica (Max Miedinger)

Hanson (Hanson Method)

Baskerville (John Baskerville)

T-Star Mono Round (Mika Mischler)

Supply (Pangram Pangram, Mat Desjardins)

Bluu Next (Jean-Baptiste Morizot, Julien Imbert)

Pilowlava (Anton Moglia, Jérémy Landes)

Notera (Mans Greback)

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