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I was born in Bolzano, Italy on 18 November 1997. My mother tongue is Italian, but I can also speak English and ein bisschen German. Always been attracted to the world of visual communication, I developed over the years a strong interest in the countless possibilities offered by the use of typography, and I became passionate about graphic design dedicated to printing and every one of its smells. Aware of the importance of adopting a multi-disciplinary approach capable of blending the work and different skills of several people, I daily seek to discover new ways of conveying content and knowledge, combining the analogue and digital worlds.

Work experience


2018–19, Venice

Academy of Fine Arts

Tutor for Visual Communication Methodology courses held by Marotta&Russo and by Mario Pasquotto

2017–20, Bolzano

Operation Daywork ONLUS

Art direction and graphic design for the annual magazine (2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20) and for posters and flyers


2015, Bolzano

hannomayr.communication (now called tincx.)

High school internship in a graphic design and advertising agency





2020–23, Urbino 

ISIA Urbino

Master’s degree in Graphic and Editorial Design (LM 12), specialising in Communication and Design for Publishing, obtained in March 2023 with the thesis Sulla forma tipografica, supervised by Jonathan Pierini, degree mark 110/110


2016–20, Venice

Academy of Fine Arts

Bachelor’s degree in New Technologies of Art (DAPL08), specialising in Art and Communication Languages, obtained in February 2020 with the thesis Print is (not) dead, supervised by Marotta&Russo, degree mark 110/110 cum laude


2011–16, Bolzano

Liceo Artistico “Giovanni Pascoli”

High school diploma in graphic design, obtained in July 2016, final mark 100/100





2023, Turin

Neologia, Graphic Days

With the thesis project Sulla forma tipografica


2021, Turin

Neologia, Graphic Days

With the project Auto-Scuola, created together with the ISIA Publishing 1 class, supervised by Francesco Valtolina (Mousse Magazine)


2018, Venice

Dall’Accademia per l’Accademia, Gallerie dell’Accademia

Group exhibition curated by Roberto Zanon





2022, Urbino


held by Tony Brook (SPIN Studio)


2021, Urbino

Wine labels as a medium

held by Mario Di Paolo (Spazio Di Paolo)

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