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25 people, 25 identical disposable cameras, 25 black and white rolls, 25 different locations, 24 hours, more than 680 photographs. Unified in the medium and in the possibilities, a group of individuals undertook to document themselves in the same time frame, but in disparate places. The volume follows a timeline of 24 hours, in which all the shots follow each other in chronological order and are therefore paired randomly on the double spread. In this way, the single testimonies are broken down, mixed, interspersed and finally recomposed, creating a big entity of information, but also a story of intimate flashes.


Né qui, né ora, né mai

photographic book


thread sewed softcover with jacket and flaps

June 2021

Font in use

Lausanne (Nizar Kazan)

Magister (Leonardo Azzolini)

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